San Martín de los Andes- Patagonia Argentina

In the the​ middle of the Neuquen’s mountain range and besides Lácar lake, there is a pretty beautiful Village, with moreless 20 thousand people, San Martín de los Andes is all about touristic!

There you can find a lot of restaurants and places to sleep, since a simple cabin until a five star hotel. In the summer, Lácar lake is full of people having fun in the water, bathing, doing a sport or making boat trips.

All around the city you can find trails to bike or to hike, that takes you to breathtaking places!

For who needs more adventure, there is mountain bike park, the Cerro Chapelco, 20kilometers from the city, there is a lift to carry you to the top of the mountain and you can find all services about bikes too. 

And even in the city, you can find all kind of things to rent to do outdoor sports, or to, for exemple, rent a bicycle to pedal all the “Seven Lakes road” until Villa la Angostura.

San Martín is a city to enjoy in the cold season too! When the winter comes, and turn all in white, the Chapelco mountain change to a ski resort, with all skill level tracks, that’s possible enjoy with all the family! And there you can find a ski School, you can enter in a private or group classes to learn about how to slide down the white mountains!

 And there is more one photo of the late afternoon in Lácar lake- 

Thank you!


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