The Brazilian Magic Island: Florianópolis

Florianópolis is the main city of Santa Catarina state, south Brazil. A place that is growing really fast in the interational travel scenary!

Why magic Island? I can tell you my experience, but only if you go there to understand about the magic! In first place, i know a lot of people that were there only for vacations and stay there forever! Over there is a energy that is hard to explain! It seems like you are rested all the time! Something like “you no need to sleep”!

Even when you hike over the little mountains to explore a beach, when you look forward, you want to walk more and more! It seems like you have a endless energy!

The magic of Florianópolis is so insane, that nobody knows how much beaches are in the island! Fun, no? Somebody tell you that there are about 30 beaches, others tell you that there are 40, and somebody will tell you that there you can find more than 100 beaches!

OK! If there are ten or a hundred beaches, what you need to know is that there you can find beaches for absolutely every kind of people, from places with only super sport cars, until desert beaches! From big waves to complete calm water in the Conceição lake!

There you can make a lot of sports too! From the sea to the sky, you can surfing, paraglyding, ride a jet ski, make stand up paddle and even mountain bike!

So, this was a little about the magic of the Island! Thank you!

instagram 😉


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