A Lost Paradise in Brazil: Saco do Mamanguá!

The first destiny of my blog is a really unknown place, inside, maybe the most known place from Brazil, Rio de Janeiro!

Saco do Mamanguá belongs to the city of Paraty, and this is the only one fiord of the Brazilian coast, where the ocean goes 8 kilometers inside the continent.

Between mountains painted with a exuberant green of the atlantic forest, the fiord has no influence of wind or ocean currents. So, the wawes that you see there are only from little fishing boats, moving slowly in the horizon.

Filled with a emerald green water, when you get inside, you can see your feet, even when you’re into the water until your head. Then you can see the fish of many forms and colors sorrounding you! Making you feel be a part of this place!

Saco do Mamanguá is the typical place that you forget where you are! Sorrounded by a magic calmness and tranquility, making you definetely forget what day is that and what time is it!

For who likes hiking, there is possible walk to the “Mamanguá sugar loaf” with a short but hard hike, you go through the middle of the burning hot jungle with a lot of insects and humidity you get to the top of the 438 meters above the sea level, having  an amazing view! Nothing common in Brazil, with the wind blowing your face, making possible see many miles away. The emerald green water, the dark green forest, the blue sky and the orange sun regard you an epic late afternoon!

And when you goes down, there is another gift waiting you, the hot fiord water, that you can jump inside like a kid, even by night!

There are two forms to get to the Saco do Mamanguá, if you have time, and want to make a lonely walk, you can start in Trindade Village, walking all around the ocean until you reach the fiord.

The other way, is go to Paraty Mirim Village and speak with a boat driver to take you to the fiord. And you can only go and return, or you can ask the driver to let you there and catch in the other day! In my opinion: take your tent and stay there! There is a restaurant, and you will have an amazing peaceful night under the stars!

Thank you!


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